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In the meantime, here is some useful information about the Standard Template.

The Standard Template is a template website designed by the Wikidot Community for users like yourself. We provide you with basic pages and facilities to help you get started on your new project. For instance:

  • Twitter Bootstrap is integrated into the site's layout and design so that your site will look good regardless of the device viewed upon.
  • The home page is designed as a cover, giving you all the code necessary to adapt it to your own needs.
  • Top and Side navigation bars are provided and easily customizable
  • All pages use categories for stronger organization
  • A standard HTML layout allows for consistent theme creation and theme compatibility
  • Let others discuss your site on a public forum provided by the template

Special thanks goes to the following users for their contribution to this template site:


The Wikidot Team

For providing the platform upon which the site stands


Timothy Foster

For developing the HTML layout and CSS theme


Ed Johnson

For work concerning the Administrator Link and Bootstrap pioneer site, the Bootstrap Playground


Everyone Else

Special thanks goes to RobElliott and Helmut_pdorf for their front-line support on the Community site, and to James Kanjo, leiger and tsangk for the development of snippets integrated into this site.